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  • Daniel

    I have a Smart Parts SP8, I believe the solenoid is bad in it. Can you fix smart parts guns?

  • Jesse Ruiz

    hi all!!!! I have been out of the loop for a while and i am looking to get back into the sport. i need some info on what would be a good entry level marker. its been years since i have played. the last marker that i owned was the evil omen and i loved it. i am not much for woods play more speed ball. so i would like a marker for speed ball

  • brad

    I have a bt-4 paintball gun how do you adjust the velocity, turned the screw on the side but didn’t change much.

  • H.stowers

    i have been thinking about trying out some paintball for fun/adventure but know very very little about it. i’d like to know what equipment is available, what brands are “good”, and if those are available for rent. what sort of preparation/education is required? can i just show up? how does this work? are we put on teams? can we bring a partner and just play with that one person? what sort of rules are there? how long does a game last? how much does it cost to play for a day, renting…also, do you have any that you can try before you buy? so that if we like the equipment we use, we’d like to buy our own.

    we live in grants pass.

    thanks in advance for taking time to reply,


    • Paul

      You can call me at the shop or on my after hours cell at 541-770-2620 or 541-415-0085. It’s always good to have new players, especially for all of the regulars, they love to have more players to play with/against. Ask for Paul

  • rodrigo

    i have a spyder ts and i whon to get bolt upgrade for it . what is good bolt

  • erik

    yah, the field rule is 15bps

  • kyle

    Can you have full-auto?

  • Corey Barnett

    how much would it cost for me to rent your woodsball course with 8 to twelve people. how much do your gun rentals cost. and how much paint should i purchase

  • Drake

    Im thinking of either going to sherkston this saturday or Dmz will are your fields generally populated on saturdays?

  • jon

    hey i am wondering when you have your air ball feild set up. i have seen the bunkers but they are never aired up.

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