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  • Smiley

    HA hey ruiz is smiley. Your gunna want to get a tippman is a really good to start out with not to expensive and they are REALLY dependable. Good for woods ball if thats what your looking to get in to. Either the tippman 98 or the tippman a-5. A-5 is a lil more expensive but is a good gun. But for the money the 98 is a really good gun to.

  • Jesse Ruiz

    hi all!!!! I have been out of the loop for a while and i am looking to get back into the sport. i need some info on what would be a good entry level marker. its been years since i have played. the last marker that i owned was the evil omen and i loved it. i am not much for woods play more speed ball. so i would like a marker for speed ball.

  • Ryan

    are the exalt speed feed or the dye speed feed beter for the rotor

  • ryan

    alright thanks
    for the info

  • Ryan

    what is the best hopper to go with a etek 3 lt ?

    • paul

      Cheapest, most effective loader right now on the market is the Halo Too at 69.95, 20 bps rating. Most expensive best performance, arguable, the Dye Rotor, at 149.95

  • John

    I’m all sorts of obsessed with getting a DM9 (or equivalent) now. That thing was AMAZING!! Thanks for letting me play a round with it Paul…you think the wife’s gonna care when I tell her how much $$ it’s gonna cost? Thanks again Paul.

    • paul

      Ya those are the kind of guns that ruin ya for playing with any thing else, there are guns that dye makes that are similar, like the Proto Matrix rail, at about 450………See ya

  • paul

    So you liked that Timmy I let you use huh Eric, I just got it back from Cali, it got a rebuild, it shoots beter than it ever has now……….

  • paul

    Man that DM9 shoots darts……..

  • erik

    I really like my A5. Its a workhorse. I have had a spyder and used some other tippmanns, and the A5 really just takes a beating and keeps going..

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