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  • Paul

    Check out the DMZ Inventional on the upcoming events

  • Riley

    What are the expected turnouts this Sunday?

  • Lane

    I play with sutton and derick and we were trying to find a league with no avail. I was wondering if you would make a loal league.

  • ryan

    how do you get on he mefod 5’s team?

  • Logan

    hey paul so when we register we got to supergame.tv and get the 3 day pass also how do we order paint ???

    • Paul

      I think when you go to check out it ask’s you about the paint

    • John

      Ya, when checking out, you have the opportunity to select other items to “add to cart”. I just clicked 2 cases and added them to the cart and then completed the checkout. Even though you have to fill out shipping info, they know to hold the paint for pick up since you’re buying “supergame 39″ paint. If this sounds confusing…it’s cause you your head is still bleeding from today! HA HA HA!

  • John

    For the supergame, do we just register for “red team” or do we put down DMZ…or something more specific? I just want to make sure I’m registering for the correct team.

    Secondly…what’s the difference between premium and tournament paint? What kind would be equivalent to our usual Allstar or Evil?

    • paul

      Ya just put red team and under players you want to play with put DMZ, they will know.
      Premium will be core blue box similar to ramp or premium. We are getting the tournament paint, is should be Star. The premium ran small last year and very inaccurate, 10 gw’s more for the good stuff.

  • Ryan

    man i got the dye rotor today for my etek 3 its super smoth and fast!

  • James "Rayzrback" Otto

    thnx for the intel. I am trying to find a park to play at, and since you guys are the closest it’s gonna be DMZ. I was just wondering about everything down here because as stated before, I am new here and missing my PB Family in Washington. Thanks again.

  • James "Rayzrback" Otto

    First time using the forums. First I gotta say, I like the new format for the website, it runs so much more smoothly then before. Secondly, I just moved down here (Grants Pass) from Gig Harbor Washington, and have been playing at Northwest Paintball Park (in Silverdale) for the last two years now. My question is this, how are games here during the winter, whats the turn-out like, and do you guy’s condone team-play?, 0.0, whoa…. Ok so my questions…lol. I play Woodsball and Mil/Sim (though I’m not very good at either, but am eager to learn) I run with a US ARMY/Tippmann Alpha Black Tactical. I look forward to any help and advise you can offer.

    • Paul

      Hey, Welcome, ya we play all year round weather permitting. Team play, well if you have a team or like to play with certain people we always try to arrange that. Turn-outs have been small but that is typical for the time of year. Crowds should be picking up from hear to early summer. Spring time crowds last year were averaging about 40 players, two years ago that number was almost double. The economy plays a big role on turn-outs. Hope to see ya out there soon.

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