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  • MallSteve

    Paul I talked to the man in charge and the pallets should be down on Thursday or Friday. I asked them to leave the pallets and the 4’x4’x3/8″ peieces of plywood also. I’m not sure if I will be in this town to get them and you may have to get it all. I’m working on letting everyone know what is going on so none of it is thrown away. I will try to stay in touch with him and you so everyone stays happy and informed.
    On another note, I’m REALLY looking forward to Sat and the game. I hope my new pants you talked me into help my playing, I doubt it but at least I will look good falling on my butt in them. See you all out there.

  • MallSteve

    I’ll be there for the next big game. Again mostly playing with the pump, but this time with the PMR also.

    Paul I may be able to get more of those big pallets again. Those 5’x10′ pallets that I got last year. However this time you may have to come get them. I’m guessing around the same number. Are you still interested in having them?

  • Charlie_R

    Just giving a shout out to Paul and the crew. The big game was GREAT and I hope we’ll be seeing similar big games or Monte Carlo events in the near future. If anyone reading this has not visited the field do so ASAP! You will not regret it as everyone has a great time.

  • Jesse

    Where are the big game pics?

  • MallSteve

    I went to the big game on Saturday and it was a blast. Lots of people showed up which made it even more enjoyable. As usual Paul and his staff were awesome and helped out when I had problems or questions. I left early so did not have a chance to win any of the cool prizes, but I did give my tickets to someone else and hopefully they helped him out. Paul thanks again for an awesome time.

  • punisher

    the oxfords will be there so at least 5 :) hopefully well have the full field available you know how we love the backside of the woods

  • Murdoc OKC

    Another event up north we’d love to see you guys there! http://www.blackrockpb.com

  • punisher

    hey paul when you gonna put up some new pics? i saw you guys taking plenty o pics the past few times i was out but no new photos

  • MallSteve

    Paul do you need me to keep an eye out for more wood, giant pallets etc

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