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DMZ will be hosting a Monte Carlo Tournament on Sunday October 30th

Monte Carlo Tournament works like this:

1.  Arrive at the field with plenty of time to draw teams and start playing by 10 am.

2. You will receive a raffle ticket at sign in, keep it for the blind draw, and available prizes, if any.

3. Cost for players will consist of an additional 5 dollars at sign,  which will be put in a pot for the winning team.

4. We will be doing prelims on the woodsball field and finals on the top field, left or right based on the amount of attendees.

5. Tournament rules apply: No gun modes, semi only, one (1) hit eliminations anywhere including equipment, dead players don’t talk.

6. Point structure for games: 25 points for flag grab, 25 points for clean flag hang, 10 points for each elimination. No deductions for player losses.

7. Points will accumulate throughout the preliminary rounds, and the best 4 scores will advance to the finals on the top field, where games will be a win or loss.

8. Winner takes the pot.

Players arriving late will be put on available teams in order of lowest score to highest score at the time of arrival, or next pick if games haven’t started yet.



We will also be doing a civil war shoot out for interested players, and that works like this: players will be split into 2 groups and stand in a skirmish line format approx.. 40 yards apart. Lines will take turn shooting (FROM HIP) at other line. If players are hit and it breaks they are eliminated from event. After each line shoots, referee will advance each line by a giant foot step. This will continue until one player is left, (*note if players flinch they will also be eliminated.) The last player left will win a free case of paint.

Open field play will continue after tournament if time, player base allows.

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Sat Oct 24th – Great day for Paintballing

Sat Oct 24th – Great day for Paintballing, Fall conditions are great for playing Paintball, come out and enjoy the fun.

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Saturday oct 3

We are going to be open at 10 am in central point. Come down to the field. The stores will be open if you need any last minute paintball supplies.

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Sun. Aug 22nd Buy a Case Get In Free!

This Sunday August 22nd as part of August Field Promotion Month, We will be giving free entry to those who purchase a case of paint! Come down!

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This Saturday is a private party

sorry guys, were closed saturday. So that means come out sunday!

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